Potty training your puppy

Potty training your puppy

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Your new companion is constantly forgotten on the floor of your house, you can't stand it anymore!

Don't be discouraged, be patient and follow these few tips.

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  • The arrival of the puppy at home

First steps towards dog cleanliness

To have a good relationship with your puppy, you have to establish rituals, learn to observe him, think dogand have a dog. As soon as he arrives in your home, you must give him specific orders and set a framework for him to find his place.

You are the dominant, he must be submissive. This is essential for all of his future education.

  • His mother quickly makes him understand by pushing him out of the nest that he should not defecate where he sleeps. All the other places therefore seem appropriate to him. It’s up to you to teach her that she’s not.
  • When you greet him at two months old, he cannot control his sphincters. Until he is six months old (depending on the breed), he will need to relieve himself every two to five hours.

Potty training a puppy

Give it food at fixed times to regulate its transit. Remove the water after the last night out.

  • Cleanliness of the puppy with a garden

If you have a garden and if you are available, you have to take it out every two hours (in the first weeks half an hour after each meal). It’s binding, but consistency is the only valid solution. Always take him to the same place, he will recognize its scent and be stimulated. Do not play with him, he must not be distracted. Wait patiently and as soon as he begins to circle, sniff and squat, he should be praised excessively. You can give him a treat to make him associate these "sanitary trips" with something nice.

  • Puppy cleanliness in the apartment

If you live in an apartment and if you are available, you must find a quiet and secure place (again always the same) to apply this method. The noise of cars (or other) could scare him and hinder his learning. Prefer the lanyard to the leash for this exercise. He will have more freedom and you can catch him easily. Be careful, he should not run in tall grass, eat suspicious things, or drink in puddles, as at a young age he is particularly vulnerable before his vaccine booster (at three months).

  • Puppy cleanliness when working

If you work,take it out in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening when you get home, and before bed. Place a newspaper in the place you have chosen for it to sleep (veranda, kitchen, garage, living room, linen room, etc.) a little far from its basket. Repeatedly drive him over into the squatting position and wait. As soon as he has defecated, praise him. Always leave a dirty piece of paper to help it smell again. This way, he will know where to relieve himself during your absences. And don't forget that it is by being regular and persevering that you condition your animal. When you are present (day of rest…), gradually move the newspaper towards the exit door. With a little practice, he'll realize he needs to eliminate on the outside. When you feel like it is ready, delete the journal.

  • Mistakes not to make

Scream and be brutal if you discover a wee or poo. No need to put his muzzle in it or shake him by the skin of his neck. Your puppy may be hiding or eating his droppings and becoming anxious. Your relationship of trust with him would start off badly. In addition, he lives in the present, punishing him is useless. Just take it out of the room and clean it up without giving any importance to these accidents. Do not use bleach, as doggies are attracted to this smell. Prefer white vinegar. If you catch him instantly, say "no!" Firmly. Lift him up and lead him outside. Don't forget the encouragement.

If your puppy is not progressing, use an indoor cage so that he learns to restrain himself. But be careful, for his well-being and his health the confinement should not be too long. This is a good solution for the night.

Puppy cleanliness tips

If you don't come home for lunch, pass a Pet-Sitter. A walk will relax your puppy and limit accidents.

If you have a male, be careful when he begins to lift his paw. It is from this moment that he can assert his character and become dominant. To avoid fights with his fellows, he will have to be castrated as quickly as possible.

To meditate : “All animals are born with innocence, curiosity and love. "

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