Trees and shrubs

How to plant a tree and a shrub well

How to plant a tree and a shrub well

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Planting a shrub or tree is an important stage in the life of the subject you have just purchased.

After being grown in a container, at a nursery or horticulturalist, it arrives in a new environment in which it will have to adapt.

So carefully follow each of the steps presented below and your shrub will develop perfectly!

Plant a tree or shrub

The best time to plant a tree or shrub is autumn, but it is quite possible to plant in winter, outside of the frost period or in the spring before the hot summer months.

If you plant in the spring, you will need to plan for more regular watering the first year after planting.

Here are the planting tips in video:

Prepare the hole, diameter and depth

  • Dig a hole 2-3 times the diameter of the root ball you are going to plant.
  • Crumble the earth that has been removed. Check that there are no more pieces, such as stones or pieces of wood.
  • Mix this earth with potting soil and one organic amendment manure and algae type.
    You can also add sand if your soil has poor drainage.
  • If necessary, put the root ball in a bucket of water to rehydrate the earth and the roots of the tree.
  • Scratch the roots slightly and without damaging them in order to detach them from each other if they are too crossed.
  • Put a little organic fertilizer or a fertilizer mixed with your soil at the bottom of the hole.

Plant your tree or shrub

  • Arrange your tree at middle of the hole taking care to spread the roots at the bottom.
  • Fill the hole with the mixture you have prepared (earth + peat + amendment)
  • Tamp lightly the ground.
  • Water abundantly and regularly the first year after planting

Ideas for planting shrubs

  • Spring flowering shrubs
  • Summer flowering shrubs
  • Fall flowering shrubs
  • Winter flowering shrubs

Advice on planting shrubs

  • For trees or shrubs over 1 m high, a stake must be placed.

This prevents it from bending and breaking in the wind.

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Video: Container Planting (June 2022).


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