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Lavandin: a special lavender

Lavandin: a special lavender

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Lavandin is a pretty variety of lavender, also cultivated for its high yielding flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Lavandula latifolia X officinalis
Family : Lamiaceae
Type : Aromatic shrub

: 60 to 100 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

: Persistent -Flowering : June to August

  • Benefits and virtues of lavandin
  • Benefits and virtues of lavender

It is used a lot in perfumery or to extract its essential oil.

Lavandin plantation

Lavandin appreciates well-draining, light and even poor soils.

It grows almost everywhere but fears temperatures below -7 ° in winter.

  • It is recommended to plant in autumn, but you can easily crash it in spring.
  • Water a little at the beginning and then as little as possible
  • No addition of fertilizer is necessary
  • Lavandin dreads too calcareous soils

So reserve a place for him sunny and one well-drained soil. If your soil is very clayey, mix it with sand to lighten it.

  • Follow our planting tips.
  • For the realization of a lavender hedge, plant a foot every 30 to 40 cm.

Lavandin in a pot:

As with all lavender, lavandin does not like humidity. The roots should never be immersed in water.

  • Make sure the pot is well drilled
  • Lay at the bottom a drainage bed made of small gravel or clay balls

Unlike common lavender, lavandin is sterile and can only reproduce by cuttings.

Lavandin pruning and maintenance

The lavandin size is possible but should only be done on wood still with foliage. If you prune on dry wood, it will not grow back ...

  • In end of winter, prune as you wish, respecting the rounded shape of the plant.
    However, avoid attacking the old wood because it develops very few young shoots.
    So choose a size still soft wood rather than hardwood.
  • If the climate in your area is mild in winter, you can also prune your lavandin in the fall.
  • After flowering, cut the flower stems so as not to exhaust the lavandin unnecessarily.

Lavandin flowers, once cut, are a great way to scent laundry ...

Lavandin in winter:

Lavandin fears strong frosts (-7 °) and therefore cannot withstand prolonged cold waves.

  • In regions with harsh winters, protect the base with mulch in winter

Easy to maintain, lavandin requires a limited watering in case of strong heat.

  • Plant it at the foot of your rosebushes, because it has a repellent power against aphids.

Preserving lavandin

Lavandin can be stored for months or even years if kept in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • The ideal is to hang the flower spikes in small bunch to dry them before storing them
  • Our grandmothers made little cotton bags filled with lavender to perfume the laundry in the wardrobes

To know about lavandin

It was because of the development of perfumery in the 1950s and the strong need for essential oils that the cultivation of lavandin increased.

Indeed, with a much higher yield than the lavender, lavandin quickly established itself as the best compromise between quality and yield.

Today, lavandin is the most widely cultivated lavender but also the most resistant to diseases and climatic hazards (frost, snow, humidity).

Very pretty plant, this shrub also symbolizes Provence, the Mediterranean scent and the sun.

Lavandin is naturally used in composition of perfumes and essential oils.

Smart tip

Very melliferous, lavandin will participate in attracting bees to the garden and therefore in the pollination of fruit trees in your garden.

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