Urinary disorders, leakage, incontinence in dogs: the possible causes

Urinary disorders, leakage, incontinence in dogs: the possible causes

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A behavior problem, a hidden disease, old age or sterilization can explain your dog's urinary problems.

Identifying the reason will help you improve the situation.

Urinary disorders and behavioral problems

If there is no such thing or a change of habit, your dog may forget himself in your house to express his anxiety and discomfort. He will urinate on rugs, carpets, furniture legs, etc. hoping to make you react.

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  • Some dogs find it difficult to deal with their emotions. Any unexpected stimulation (visits from friends, unusual noises, etc.) causes them to experience uncontrollable jets of urine called "weeping for joy".

Call on a behavioristfor these two cases can help your dog.

  • Males tend to urinate in different places in the house to mark their territory. It's about of territorial urination.Having your dog neutered will solve this problem.

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Urinary disorders and disease

  • Cushing’s disease, diabetes, kidney or adrenal insufficiency lead dogs to increase their drink intake and produce more urine. We are talking about a polyuro-polydipsic syndrome.
  • Trauma to the spinal cord or a herniated disc may be the cause of your dog's incontinence.

Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian. After a first consultation, he will suggest a neurological examination, a urinalysis, a blood test, a different diet or a medication to remedy your companion's urinary problems.

  • In case of congenital malformation(poorly positioned urethra) detected at birth, surgery is possible.

Incontinence and senior dogs

As we get older our dogs are confused and in pain true incontinenceor total.

  • True incontinenceresults in drops of urine on their bedding or around the house, as urine is released unwittingly without loosening the sphincters or contracting the bladder. You may observe your dog licking himself very often to keep himself clean.
  • Total incontinenceis caused by the urge to urinate as soon as your dog's bladder fills. He can no longer restrain himself as before from defiling your interior if you are absent or arrive too late.
  • Incontinence in older dogs is urinary or fecal.

Treatments existto help your dog. You can put on disposable mattress padsin his bedand opt for a plastic basket for easy cleaning.

Owners often manage to make their dog understand that he must relieve himself on a mattress pad or newspaper in case of urgent need.

Incontinence and sterilization

Although rare, true incontinence affects both spayed females and spayed males.

  • Mainly bitches that weigh more than 20 kilos.
  • Incontinence is seen two to three years after sterilization or castration. It results from a hormonal deficit. The lack of sex hormones in the blood no longer allows the urinary tract sphincters to function properly.
  • The skin of the vulva or penis is red and painful.
  • Being overweight makes the situation worse.

The vet may prescribe medication to correct the lack of hormones.

Smart advice

Don't punish your dog for being messy.Just take it out before cleaning. The main thing is to find the reason for this inappropriate behavior with a professional (veterinarian, urologist, behaviorist, etc.).

To meditate :

“While the dog is peeing, the hare is fleeing. "

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