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Choisya ternata: superb flowering

Choisya ternata: superb flowering

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The choisya ternata is a flowering shrub that amazes from the beginning of spring with its magnificent small white and fragrant flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Choisya ternata
Family : Rutaceae
Type : Shrub
Height : 2 to 3 m

Exposure : Sunny -Foliage : Persistent -Flowering : April to June

Here are our tips for good growth and spectacular flowering.

Planting choisya ternata

It is best to plant the choisya ternata in spring or in autumn. It's best to avoid planting in winter when frost can damage your shrub.

Bought in jar or container, it can also be planted throughout the year by avoiding periods of frost and high temperatures.

From the start, especially if you plant in spring or summer, water generously and regularly without flooding the roots of the shrub

  • Choosing him likes rather sunny situations.
  • It appreciates rather cool soils. Mulching is recommended in summer.
  • Follow our tips for planting shrubs

Choosing a ternata size

The choisya ternata, whether isolated, in a hedge or in a bed does not require no particular size.

But he is often nice to him give a beautiful figure, especially when it is part of a hedge.

  • If you want reduce or balance the silhouette, avoid pruning at the end of winter as you risk altering flowering.
  • Always wait for the end of flowering for pruning, preferably in June.

All you need to know about choisya ternata

Very beautiful soft shrub orange scent, at compact habit and at the magnificent bloom, the choisya ternata also called Mexican orange tree is, as its name suggests, native to this country in Central America.

Whether choisya ternata "Aztec pearl" or "Sundance" , he's from very easy cultivation and the advantage of not exceeding the 2 to 3 meters high, which avoids pruning it too regularly.

It is even possible to let the shrub grow without ever pruning it, it will never reach more than 3 m in height.

The flowers, resembling those oforange tree, are very fragrant and the latter adapts equally well to the open ground in the garden as to the pot culture on a terrace or balcony.

Tip about choisya ternata

Apart from planting and during the following weeks, it is no need to water excessively because the choisya ternata does not need it.

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