Hops: easy to grow in the garden

Hops: easy to grow in the garden

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Hops are not only famous for their use by brewers, they are also a formidable climbing plant.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Humulus lupulus
Family : Cannabaceae
Type : Vine

: 5 to 7 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Rich enough

: Obsolete
Flowering : June to September

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Plantation, cultivation of hops

Its maintenance, from planting to pruning, will allow you to improve its growth and flowering.

Hops can be planted in both spring and fall in soil mixed with potting soil and possibly organic soil amendment.

Hops can be grown in pots for climbing onto a patio or balcony.

  • Follow our planting tips

Hop size

No pruning is necessary.

If you want to reshape or reduce the branches, wait until the end of flowering or the very beginning of spring.

Hop harvest

The hop cones are harvested just before they open.

For the beer production, they are dried first before they are sent to the brewery.

You can also make pretty bouquets of dried flowers because they have the advantage of remaining fragrant for weeks on end.

All you need to know about hops

This climbing plant is usually grown on a trellis, a arbor or a pergola.

It offers a very beautiful flowering during all summer.
Its flowers, in the shape of a spike, are fragrant and are even used to flavor beer.

Also called northern vine, you will appreciate this plant all the more if you install it near a living space because it is fragrant.
It is also in the north that it is cultivated industrially for the production of beers.

No special watering is recommended.

Smart tip about hops

An organic mulch of the type cocoa shells will provide nutrients to the plant and maintain sufficient moisture.

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