November in the garden, all the advice

November in the garden, all the advice

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That's it, we are in November, here is the time to plant.

We enter the garden in a period of rest for all the plants in the garden, balcony or terrace.

If the month of November sees the days shortening markedly and the rain and the grayness set in for a long time, it is no less interesting because it opens a good phase of preparation for next spring.

To your spades, rakes, planters and other gardening tools, your garden needs you this November!

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Planting of plants in November

“At Sainte Catherine, all wood takes root”.

This adage tells us that this is the best time to plant roses, trees and shrubs.

By planting in November, you facilitate rooting before the first winter frosts.

You will therefore have a better recovery in spring and the flowering will be more beautiful.

Follow our advice for successful planting:

Planting spring bulbs

There is not much time left to plant the bulbs because in a few weeks the soil will be too hard.

Tulips, hyacinths, snowdrops or even crocuses, these are the last weeks to put them in the ground.

For convenience, use a bulb planter.

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Pruning shrubs and conifers

Now is the time to do a light pruning before winter and reshape their silhouette.

Only prune outside of any risk of frost.

For conifers, only prune if the temperate climate allows it.

Fruit trees in November

Collect all the fruits littering the ground and eliminate them, as they can be carriers of fungal diseases.

Pick up the fruits that are left on the trees, especially if they are rotten because they can carry fruit rot

From the end of the month, you can start prune apple and pear trees.

This is also the month when we begins to plant them.

Garden flowers in November

Continue to cut short stems of wilted flowers.

Divide the perennials and replant them immediately


Tuck in the bulbs of cannas , of gladioli, and of dahlias, which you will store in a dark place before replanting them next spring.

If winter is mild enough in your area, you can leave in the ground by covering them with a mulching.

Enter them dahlias at the end of November and store them with the other bulbs.

You can continue to plant the thoughts, violets and bergenias : they will adorn your garden, containers and planters this winter.

Balcony and terrace in November

As in the garden, you can plant the shrubs pot.

Protect the plants most sensitive to the cold with a winter cover and possibly a cover around the pot.

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Adorn your planters with fall and winter flowering plants such as pansies, violets and bergenias.

Lawn and grass in November

When all the leaves have fallen, take the opportunity to do a last mowing relatively high.
It also helps to clean the lawn effectively.

Otherwise, it is best to collect all the leaves because they are often carriers of fungal diseases that could overwinter in your garden ...

Using a very sharp spade, trace the borders, it’s much prettier in winter.

If you plan to redo your lawn in spring, plow before winter without compacting the soil.
This will allow the soil to breathe and you will take the opportunity to remove roots and stones.

The vegetable garden in November

You can permanently tear off your tomato plants.
Harvest the last fall vegetables and leave the root vegetables in place.

Begin to prepare the ground by plowing the soil which will breathe well during the winter.
Plant garlic and shallot in light soil. Otherwise, mix it with sand.

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Here is your garden, your terrace or your balcony ready to face winter,

Then it will be all the more beautiful next spring!

Happy gardening!

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