Orchid substrate and potting soil

Orchid substrate and potting soil

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If there is a plant whose growing medium plays a decisive role in the development of the plant, it is undoubtedly the orchid substrate.

The orchid indeed develops a particular root system that deserves attention and care.

Composition of an orchid soil

  • The base is made of maritime pine bark, the size of which may vary slightly.
  • You can also find peat, coconut fiber, rock wool or even perlite.

What is the most suitable substrate?

  • Each orchid has different characteristics.
  • The mixture in which it grows best should be close to the one in which it naturally evolves.
  • But faced with the large number of varieties and therefore the multitude of substrates that would have to be created, it is strongly recommended to use a special "orchid" soil that can be found in specialized stores.

Make your own orchid soil

  • Even if we recommend the use of special orchid soil that you will find in specialized stores, you can still make it yourself.
  • The base will always be made maritime pine bark.
  • Then, depending on the plant and thanks to the experience you will acquire, you will add one of the materials mentioned above (fiber, peat, perlite, rock wool, etc.).
  • You will mix them according to the proportions that you define and that you refine with your experience.

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