Multiply Indian lilac

Multiply Indian lilac

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It is quite possible to multiply your Indian lilacs by cuttings or by seed.

Although the cutting technique is more accessible, that of sowing is also a good way to obtain a Indian lilac.

Have a little patience before enjoying a beautiful flowering, but the pleasure of cuttings or sowing should give you great satisfaction.

Cutting Indian lilac

There are 2 ways to propagate your Indian lilac, cuttings and sowing.

> Cuttings of Indian lilac:

At the end of summer, cutting Indian lilac gives very good results.

  • Select stems of about 15 cm, semi-augured and bearing no flowers.
  • Remove the lower leaves to keep only one or 2 pair (s) at the end of the stem.
  • Slightly cut the base on 1/2 cm with a sound and sharp blade.
  • Soak the cutting in cutting hormone.
  • Plant the cutting in a special cutting soil (or a mixture of peat and river sand).
  • Opt for a smothered cuttings so as to have good humidity.
  • Place your cuttings in the light but without direct sun and at a good temperature (at least 20 °)
  • Keep the substrate slightly damp.
  • In winter, place the cutting in a cooler place, ideally around 10 °.

Do not anticipate planting, the ideal period being in the fall, one year after planting cuttings.

Indian lilac seedlings

> Indian lilac seedlings:

Sowing Indian lilac is known to be fairly easy if you get the seeds and can be done in spring or fall (avoid summer sowing)

  • Sowing possible under shelter from 15 ° C to 20 ° C.
  • Soak the seeds in lukewarm water for 24 hours.
  • Sow in special cuttings without burying the seeds too much (1 cm maximum).
  • Place the seedling in the light but without direct sunlight at the right temperature (around 20 ° mini).
  • Keep the substrate slightly damp.
  • Germination takes place 4-6 weeks after sowing.

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