Holboellia: care tips

Holboellia: care tips

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Holboellia is a very original and lightly scented climbing plant. She likes rather shady corners.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Holboellia coriacea
Family : Lardizabalaceae
Type : Vine

: 5 to 8 m
Exposure : Partial shade or shade
Ground : ordinary

: Persistent -Flowering : April to June

The maintenance, from planting to flowering is really very easy and the decorative effect guaranteed.

Planting holboellia

It is recommended to plant the holboellia in the spring in good garden soil mixed with a Earthat special flowering plants.
Water generously at first to facilitate rooting and then in case of prolonged drought or hot weather.

  • Follow our advice planting shrubs.

Holboellia size

No pruning is necessary.

If you want to reduce the branches, wait until the end of flowering.

Things to know about holboellia

This beautiful climber, recognized by its white or lilac-purple flowers and the delicate scent of orange blossom, has the advantage of adapting quite easily to any location.

  • White flowers mean it's a male holboellia
  • Lilac purple flowers mean the plant is female

Track your wall to allow it to climb more easily.

Water regularly but not excessively and you will see that your plant will flourish fully.

  • The growth of this plant is quite fast and has good covering power.

Smart tip about holboellia

A plant mulch at the base of the plant prevents the growth of weeds, maintains a certain humidity and fertilizes the soil.

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