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Elegant camellias

Elegant camellias

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If the rose is the star of the summer, the camellia echoes it during the winter months.

It plays with the cold to deploy a generous bloom, declining refined hues and flowers of an incredible diversity of shapes.

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The best location for camellia

Install it away from cold drafts and hot rays of the sun. The cooler the earth in summer, the more camellia sun resistant.

Do not hesitate to plant it under the canopy of large deciduous trees, avoiding the proximity of large shallow rooting trees that pump all the water.

The presence of a canopy protects the most fragile flowers from inclement weather and in particular prevents white flowers from rusting. Spare him the exposure Is the winter sun heats up too quickly after a cold night.

The best substrate for camellia

Acidic (pH around 6), fresh, drained and fertile! If your soil is limestone or neutral, arrange a special pit and line the bottom with garden felt or plant in a pot. Beware of pure heather soil, too light and too poor.

Upgrade her with that much humus. In pots, give the substrate a little body by incorporating a clay soil type rose bushes.

Planting camellia without risk

Immerse the root ball before planting to hydrate it well. The planting hole should be twice the volume of the root ball, wider than deep because the rooting is shallow.

Improve drainage by placing a layer of clay balls at the bottom of the hole (and not white gravel, limestone!).

Some precautions for potted camellia

The potted camellia can live for many years in a pot if it is at least 40 cm in diameter. Each early spring, replace 2 inches of the surface with a brand new substrate.

The pot allows you to enjoy perfect flowers if they can be sheltered from the cold and bad weather in a greenhouse or an unheated veranda (5 to 10 ° C).

His Achilles heel ...

The shallow roots are sensitive to drought and cold. The best parade: the mulching with a good litter of dead leaves or grass clippings depending on the season.

Feed the camellia well

Regular mulching with organic matter enriches the soil.

Supplement with a spring supply of fertilizer (heather soil plants) to boost the growth and formation of future flower buds.

And keep a substrate always fresh all year round by watering it regularly with soft water.

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