Orchid in summer: how to care

Orchid in summer: how to care

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You have a beautiful orchid inside your home and you want to know how to maintain it during the summer, here are all our tips.

Orchid maintenance

The orchids are plants that are grown as houseplants most of the time, but have specific needs in the summer.

Let’s focus on the most common variety, the phalaenopsis orchid.

Watering an orchid in summer

Ideally with the phalaenopsis orchid, but also with most varieties of orchids, it is to spray them on the leaves.

Indeed, their need for moisture leads us to spray the plant, leaves and roots rather than watering the pot.

  • Daily spraying is ideal but it should be adjusted according to the ambient temperature.

Summer orchid exhibition

The sun needs of an orchid are not the same in summer and winter.

Paradoxically, it is in summer that it needs more protection from the sun's rays.

  • The orchid tolerates the morning sun well, but the afternoon sun.
  • Protect the orchid from the sun as soon as it begins to type, around 12 p.m., by placing it in the shade.
  • The ideal is to find a place where it has sun until noon and shade in the afternoon (with good light anyway)

For varieties that tolerate the sun even in summer, prefer the cymbidium orchid for example.

Orchid outdoors in summer:

It is quite possible to put your orchid outside during the summer months. From May to October, temperatures are suitable for growing orchids outdoors under certain conditions.

  • She likes the sun in the morning and the shade in the afternoon
  • Avoid full sun during the hottest hours
  • She will need good humidity throughout the summer. This requires regular misting with soft water.

Phalaenopsis orchid after flowering

This is quite normal as this is normally his rest period

If you want the to bloom again, cut off the stem that held the last flower about 1 cm from the base of the old flower. New side branches should appear and thus give new flowers.

Once flowering is complete, it may be appropriate to proceed to repotting. Here are our tips for repotting an orchid.

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