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Neem oil: it saves problem skin

Neem oil: it saves problem skin

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As'aloe wormor shea before it, neem oil has come a long way to find a place in our cosmetics.

Able to live 200 years, neem produces up to 30 kg of seeds. From these, we cold extract an oil with a powerful scent used in Ayurvedic medicine.

An oil with multiple uses

The traditional use of neem, or neem, may come as a surprise. In fact, in India, where it is from, farmers use its fertilizing and insecticidal properties.

Its capacity for resistance to small animals and drought commands respect. So much so that the tree is sacred in the country.

However, the sale of phytosanitary products made from neem oil is prohibited in France. Its effects, especially on bees, are criticized.

We forget about acne and pimples

A natural detoxifier, neem oil is also a blood purifier. Ayurvedic doctors use it to fight against fever, rheumatism or inflammation of the mucous membranes.

In the field of cosmetics, its virtues against acne, yeast infections and other skin infections are praised. Its richness in oleic acid hydrates and nourishes the skin. We even lend it an anti-lice power.

To be handled with care

You will find, at most specialized sellers, virgin neem oils to include in homemade recipes. At Centifolia, it is organic, without preservatives and without chemical treatment. Its bitter aromas, similar to those of sulfur or garlic, can be put off. But adding a few drops of rosehip essential oils mitigates the phenomenon.

In addition, neem oil is sensitive to temperature variations. Below 25 ° C, it solidifies. The bottle is then passed under hot water to regain a liquid texture.

Finally, its use is not recommended for pregnant women or those who plan to conceive a child.

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