Make an organic vegetable garden?

Make an organic vegetable garden?

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Would you like to be able to taste some organic vegetables that you would have grown yourself, without having to go through tedious gardening work?

So for you it will be an organic square vegetable garden!

In fact, even seasoned gardeners adopt this technique, which is particularly easy to implement.

The advantages of the square vegetable garden

First of all, a little definition of a square vegetable garden: it is a vegetable garden that is made up of ... squares and which is slightly raised. Indeed, this type of vegetable garden is positioned as a container in which we plant our vegetables.

This system should delight those who swear by organic: vegetables are not planted directly in the ground and therefore do not grow in soil that can never be guaranteed to be free from pesticides, for example. You choose the land.

Another advantage of the organic square vegetable garden: it takes up little space and is therefore perfectly suited to small spaces. Anyone, even without having a large garden, can therefore grow and eat carrots, courgettes, salads, tomatoes, of parsley or other organic vegetables and herbs.

But as you will see, the organic square vegetable garden is flexible and can also find its place in large gardens. Finally, know that such a system will reconcile angry gardeners with vegetable gardens. With an organic square vegetable garden, everything is simpler.

The creation of an organic vegetable garden

To build an organic square vegetable garden, you don't need to have years of construction experience. If you are a Sunday handyman, this will be more than enough. You just have to keep in mind that the result should allow you to grow your vegetables easily so that gardening is a pleasure and not a constraint.

For this, it is for example advisable not to exceed 1.20 meter side for your vegetable garden. This means that you don't have to twist yourself all over the place to try to grow your vegetables. And for constitute your bac, the choice is yours: planks, logs, edging, etc., as long as everything is at least 8 inches high. Do not forget either that you are looking to make an organic vegetable garden: treated wood with anything and everything, we forget!

Now for the squares. And once again you have the choice: wooden sticks, rope, threads, etc., since the goal is only to delimit spaces for your different plantations.

For make squares of the same area simply

  • Measure half the length of the tray on two opposite sides and attach a chopstick to these two points.
  • You thus obtain two rectangles with the same surface.
  • To obtain squares, perform the same operation with the other two sides.
  • At this point, you have 4 squares, however too large.
  • Then you will again have to position chopsticks to divide them into 4 in the same way as for the bin.
  • Once this is done, you have 16 squares with a side of 30 centimeters.

You just have to fill your squares with potting soil and plant your seeds or vegetable plants! And for an organic vegetable garden, everything must be organic: from the soil to the seeds, including the fertilizers.

If you liked this first gardening experience, know that the square technique can also be adapted to larger crops. For that it is enough simply to do several square vegetable gardens and arrange them next to each other with a spacing of 50 centimeters to allow you to move around. With this you get a real competition garden, clean, aesthetic, and 100% organic!

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