Dahlia cactus

Dahlia cactus

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The cactus dahlia, the summer flower of the year!




Spectacular flowers and colors

The dahlias the most spectacular are the cactus dahlias. They are one of the most amazing guys. The biggest advantage of these flowers is that they stay upright, even in rainy weather. This is because the flower retains less water, so it is less heavy and does not break.

In cactus dahlias, the ligulate florets are rolled up on themselves for more than 2/3. The petals of these varieties can stand upright, but also tilt inward or outward.

The petals are often small and pointed, and the tips sometimes deeply tapering.

They are also called "Spinnekop dahlias" or spider head dahlias.

Growth of cactus dahlia

Plant the low varieties in pots on the patio or balcony and the larger ones between perennials in the garden or flower beds.

Improve the soil before planting by adding compost.

Preferably place dahlias in full sun so that they can flower to the fullest!

Remove faded flowers often, so new buds and flowers will appear.

Dahlia cactus and varieties

Cactus dahlias are great for adding color to borders, as they have a long flowering time. In addition, they are also available in a wide range of heights and can be used in different ways.

Height: 40 to 150 cm
Flower size: 10 to 30 cm

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