Rose cutting: period and technique

Rose cutting: period and technique

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Cutting from a rose bush is easy, economical and gives great satisfaction when the new rose grows.

Cutting a rose bush makes it easy to multiply the favorite roses in your garden or those of your friends.

It is also an opportunity to make a nice gift to your loved ones because the fruit of a cutting is also that of patience and love for plants

Without further ado, take your rose cuttings:

Period for cutting a rose bush

The best time starts at middle of summer and spreads out to end of november.

You can nevertheless try your hand at cuttings during much of the summer, if the chances of success are less important, they are real.

Rose cuttings technique

> Select a beautiful stem from your rosebush, straight and vigorous, which has grown throughout the year.
It must have at least 3 eyes and 1 budding bud.
You can cut several, it will increase your chances of success

> Keep only the central part of the stem (about 15 cm) by removing the head that you will cut just above a pair of leaves

> Gently remove all the leaves, keeping only the top 2 leaves

> Remove the thorns from the part that will be in the ground (about 1/3 of the stem).

> Soak this part in water for a few minutes then in a mixture called cutting hormone which is found in garden centers.
If the cutting hormone is not essential, it improves the chances of success for your cutting

> Plant this (or these) cutting (s) in a pot filled with special cutting soil or in a mixture of soil and sand.

> If there are several, leave a space of 5 to 10 cm between each cutting.

Stake each cutting to allow it to stay upright.

> Water regularly, but not too much so as not to flood the emerging roots

  • Keep your cuttings in a dry, cool and ventilated place.
  • Avoid direct sun and favor partial shade with good light

You can put them in the ground next spring.

Other tips on roses:

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Cutting techniques

  • Hydrangea cuttings
  • Geranium cuttings
  • Cuttings of most plants
Reminder: Most varieties of roses are protected.
They are the fruit of the work of breeders and then edited for commercialization.
Cuttings are therefore only tolerated for strictly private use.

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